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The Hero/Shero Of The Story

As you, the hero of this story journeys toward home ownership, you will more than likely come across some things you won’t and don’t understand; especially for first time home owners and home sellers You may also be bombarded by the home buying and home selling experiences of others who have your best interests at heart; however, their experiences, could be based in another time and a different market.


So whom can you turn to that will assist you in your efforts of towards home ownership by providing you insight and keeping you abreast of what’s happening in the Greater Atlanta real estate market? While there are many agents to choose from, just as there are many homes to choose from, the thought you put into your dream home should be the same thought you use when choosing an agent.


With that said, you as the hero of this story will need a guide to assist you in your efforts towards home ownership. Someone whose sole mission is continued commitment in providing high value home intelligence to protect your home buying interests; Someone who will cut through disinformation while subverting any and all counter intelligence to shield you from inaccuracies; someone who is not just an agent but who is your special agent.


Thompson & Thompson (TNT), Your Special Agents, is the dynamic duo husband and wife team that will advocate on your behalf making it their fiduciary duty to procure the best possible deal for you while ensuring honesTy, integriTy, loyalTy, confidentialiTy, and accountabiliTy to name a few. TNT is committed to staying ahead of the curve by constantly sharpening our skills and keeping our finger on the pulse of market trends in the world of real estate in an effort to provide our clients value-driven results to make informed decisions regarding real estate.


As you, the hero of this story looking to purchase a home, please take the time to choose the best agent for you. That may or may not be us, but if it is us, you will be guaranteed a supporting cast that will not only back you in your journey towards home ownership, but also to successfully educaTe, navigaTe and negotiaTe on your behalf for quite possibly the largest financial transaction you will ever make in your life. So allow TNT to be You Special Agents