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The Perks Of New Construction

Buying a newly built home or a home that is in the process of construction has some benefits you won’t find in an older home. If you are trying to decide which route to go, consider these perks that you can only get from a new home.


Choose Your Floor Plan


If you choose a home that is not yet built, you can usually select from a number of floor plans that the builder has available. This allows you to choose the floor plan that works best for you. Some builders will even work with you to tweak the available plans to suit your needs exactly.


Of course, this only works if you are willing to wait for the home to be built, but taking your time means you are more likely to wind up with the home you really want. You don’t have to choose solely from what’s already built and on the market.


Choose Your Colors And Décor


When you buy new, you can select the color scheme you want for the interior and usually the exterior as well. You can select flooring, counter tops, paint colors, and more. This means you can make the home truly your own, inside and out.


You can also choose to make upgrades from the standard design to higher end items such as granite countertops. When you are having the home built, you can make all the finishing touches come to life and create the space you really want for yourself. Choose between carpet and hardwood, select kitchen cabinet finishes and hardware, and much more to make the home personal and to your taste.


Everything’s New


There is more to having a brand new home than just knowing no one else has ever used the shower. That brand-new home is also guaranteed to be up to current standards and laws, and won’t have some of the potential problems an older home might have. You know that the roof is new, all the wiring and plumbing are new, and the heating and cooling system are new and working properly.


This means you won’t have to deal with expensive renovations in the near future, nor is there anything that will need to be brought up to code. That means you can simply move in and enjoy your new home. While new construction isn’t for every home buyer, it definitely comes with some perks that make it well worth consideration. Before you buy, take a look at what builders are working on in your area. You may even get a great deal on a home that is already built but not yet sold in a new neighborhood.

For most of us a home is the biggest investment we will ever make. So if you are thinking of buying or selling a home get the value you deserve by contacting Thompson & Thompson, Your Special Agents with Floyd Realty Advisors.

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