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Did You Know

Did You Know?

You may be interested in buying an investment property if you want to diversify your holdings beyond stocks and bonds. While stories of quick flips—buying a homerenovating it, and resellingat a much higher price—dominate TV reality showsrenting is the true core of real estate investing. That’s because historically there has been very little real price appreciation in houses. Renting generates a steady monthly paycheck, like a classic dividend-paying utility stock. Any price appreciation is a bonus.

The Perfect Investment Property For You!

To make your profit when you buy, you must purchase a property at a price that ensures you make your desired profits based on your ability to execute your exit strategy. In other words, you need to buy smart.

If you vastly overpay for a property, no amount of wishing, hoping, or improvement is going to make your investment worthwhile. While you can’t predict with 100% accuracy where the market is going to go, you can know where it’s at today.

If you would like to know what’s going on in the market today feel free to contact Thompson & Thompson (TNT), Your Special Agents, to learn more.

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